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Switching Audio Sources in Teams Using Only the Volume Settings from the Task Bar


Hi Zoom Community,

I have a user that's wondering if there's a way to have their Zoom program for their Windows 10 OS automatically adjust the user's audio input and output device in Zoom to whatever the user selects in the volume settings in the task bar vs. needing to manually change the audio input and output device in Zoom each time there's a change in the audio devices connected (see attachment for picture of the volume settings icon that I'm referencing).  


As an example, if the user plugs in their headset, they want to select their headset in the Volume settings & that will change the settings in Zoom to the headset for input and output. I told the user that I wasn't aware of a way to do this with 100% reliability, but I thought I would ask just in case. My understanding is our best chance would be to use the "Same as the System" option, but I'm assuming that's not 100% reliable.