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Stupid Support Bot


I need support. I have a paid subscription and this stupid bot tells me that I have no chat support. There is nothing I can do to get Zoom to help me and I have no ability to share my screen whatsoever. 100% of the time the minute I share my screen it disconnects the meeting. But as I can't find a solution for this and I Have no support (even though EVERYONE has support through the chat) I have no recourse. Hoping that someone can help. 



I totally agree with Lise-marie. i need help but told i have no chat support.  My profile indicates i DO have chat support.  yet i am told over and over that i do not have chat support.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @lise-marie @gbutler, if you go here logged in you, should see the options available to you for support. Live chat support is for licensed users only and for users that have a subscription plan of ~$50 or higher a month. 


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