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Sort Meetings Alphabetically


Update: The latest Zoom update Version: 5.17.5 (31030) has resolved the issue of meetings not sorting alphabetically! Hurray! 



Since the latest update of Zoom, my Recurring Meetings are no longer sorted Alphabetically. Has anyone found a solution for this? I have tried searching the Knowledge Base.

Thank you.



I wonder if the Powers that Be could put that in the settings for Recurring Meetings. It is a huge nuisance to keep trolling through my un-alphabetised list!


Mine too!  Why do zoom keep making it harder for us to use recurring meetings when they've had so many of us have told them how we've lost the functionality we need?????


This has been steadily getting worse  over the last couole of years now. I'm starting to use skype again instead.


I spent ages on the support chatbot with no luck. Then I discovered, only someone with a Business Account, (not just a paid for account) can talk to a real person, If you are, or know someone who has, a business account, could you or your friend please contact a real person in tech support to sort it problem out. Fingers Crossed.

BTW, there is another thread - Listing recurring meetings alphabetically. Can this thread be combined there?


This is very frustrating. I have contacted tech support and finally got a response.


Unfortunate the response was, "Upon checking further, currently, recurring meetings with "No Fixed Time" will be sorted in the web portal based on meeting number but not on topic. The feature to arrange them in alphabetical order is not yet available." There was no other mention on if this is being worked on. The suggestion was to send feedback to Zoom.



They don't seem to acknowledge that it used to be there - they took it away!!!! And now they announce lots of new ideas when all we want is what we used to have - recurring meetings without a set time and alpha - so I'm moving more of mine to skype.



Thank you for posting this, I agree. This is extremely frustrating and not at all functional. Who cares about meeting IDs? I wish there was at least a function to search, but nothing. Zoom seems to be ignoring its user base's needs in its attempts at novelty.


Like all of you, I came here trying to return to having the meetings sorted alphabetically. I did notice, however, that it was sorting them by Meeting ID number, but there was nothing that I could do about it. In my case, it randomly will go from scrambled to sorting alphabetically (like right now), then I'll look in a few minutes and they are scrambled again, making it even harder to find the right meeting.  I just spoke to Zoom support via chat and was told the following (transcript below). They seem to want us to SPAM them requesting that they fix something they know breaks with every update. (It has never happened to me.)

[2023-12-21 20:16:07] Ram:
We apologize for the inconvenience the update may have caused. At the
moment, there is no option to revert back or other options to arrange
or sort out meetings on the Zoom client and the Zoom web portal.
[2023-12-21 20:16:40] Ram:
We currently don't have a feature to sort recurring meetings with no
fixed time. But, I can see that having this option would be a great
additional feature.
[2023-12-21 20:16:44] Ram:
I recommend filling up the form from this link (
and submitting it so the dev team can consider adding it to upcoming
updates. Please follow us at [](http:// and review our [Release Notes](
hc/en-us/categories/4415113014797-Release-Notes) for new product and
feature announcements.
[2023-12-21 20:17:05] Consumer:
It sorted them alphabetically until yesterday.
[2023-12-21 20:17:23] Ram:
I apologize the link now redirects to steps, please check on the steps
on the support article link:
[2023-12-21 20:18:27] Consumer:
Those steps don't address that it worked yesterday and doesn't today.
[2023-12-21 20:20:32] Ram:
It happens during updates, I was able to see old reports also that the
meetings they have had been sorted during a previous update (not from
yesterday). This is a system update from the servers which
automatically rearranges the meetings every update. I can see the
feature has been request and is still being reviewed by the engineers.
An additional feedback to have this request would help expedite the
request for this feature.


Interestingly, I got a message when I submitted my message above saying it had been changed. 🤔

Thank you for the suggestion to send feedback. I just sent it! I hope more people send feedback to encourage them to sort the meetings alphabetically again. I just did an update and it appears to be fixed, but then logging off and on again is back to sorting by meeting ID. Anyone else see that?


I just sent along my feedback on this same issue as it definitely has not been fixed - my list of meetings has randomly re-sorted itself multiple times yesterday and today. Super frustrating.


Hi all - and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I just logged back into my desktop zoom client after a break for the holidays only to realize the same problem you all had (recurring meetings not being ordered alphabetically anymore in the client - they never were on the zoom browser version but they were thankfully in the client - and when they got tangled you just needed to click the refresh arrow and they would rearrange properly). I deleted the client from my Mac, reinstalled ... and problem stayed which is how I landed here. Since there didn't seem to be a solution, I decided to delete a lot of old recurring meetings to make the list at least shorter ... and HURRAY!!! They immediately resorted themselves alphabetically. I have yet to test this for the duration - not sure it will hold. But at least for now it's fixed, and I thought I'd share that trick with you all in case it helps a bit.


Mine does that too sometimes, at randpom, but next tme I go back it's muddled again and will not sort.

It is not random.  They used to sort alphabetically by the name the user gives to the meeting.  Now they sort numerically by the random meeting ID assigned by Zoom.  Clearly the techs know nothing about this because they did not even appear to know how they get ordered numerically.  This should be a very easy fix.


It's a bug and we plan to fix it in zoom client 5.17.5.


As of 5.17.2 is still unfixed. 


This is the 2nd thing that Zoom has removed that makes the platform more annoying.

1. You can no longer set up meetings with no fixed date within the apo that is already open on your computer. You have to go to to do that.

2. Meeting participants no longer being in alphabetical order.

 This is so frustrating. Are they wanting us to leave the platform???


Just wanted to add my voice to the topic. Same problem. Sorting has become random, and it rearranges itself sometimes, but then goes back to not. I have a regular calendar for the whole school year, and so I only use recurring meetings. It used to be so nice and easy. It's ridiculous that they refuse to acknowledge that it used to work well, and they're taking away functions instead of adding them.

Yes, all of this! It is horribly frustrating!! And it used to be so easy - it stings even more having something and losing it. I'm not sure why they're lowering the quality of their service. 


This has been discussed a lot in another post I've been following and posting in.  Indeed it is a huge problem that Zoom didn't seem to acknowledge.  Please take a moment to create your own ticket and if you aren't satisified with the response, ask for a tier escalation.  I just heard back from tier 2 and they have now acknowledged it was a bug that is now supposedly fixed.  I just checked in desktop client app and it does work, but doesn't if you are using web version.  I replied it also needs to be fixed in the web version.  Unfortunately, zoom forces me to use BOTH the web and desktop app.  If you notice, you can't make recurring meetings for no fixed time in the app, but you CAN in the web version.  So I schedule meetings in the app, but just the client to quickly launch a meeting because now it's alphabetical there.  Silly one format doesn't do everything the other does!  In fact, I just created a ticket for that too so please consider submitting two tickets.  Here is the link: