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Sharing Video On Shared Screen


Been able to share videos from video apps before because I teach movie history virtually with folks associated with each project, but only can hear audio & not see the picture (and big part of what we are talking about during the discussion). Can anyone be assistance because otherwise my classes is going to be shot, but also spending the money for Zoom.



Hi @CrazyTrainRadio ,


This can be a tricky thing to fix as there is not always one solution.


First thing first.. here are some of the "easy" fixes


Fix #1 - Verify the version of your Zoom Client and then update if needed.


Fix #2 - Restart your device or browser.


Fix #3 - Uninstall the app, then download and reinstall it.


Fix for Mac users: If you are using macOS 10.15 Catalina and up,make sure to check your device’s privacy settings (located in System Preferences) and make sure that Zoom has permission for screen recording.


If none of these address the issue, you'll need to visit the following Zoom support article.


Hope this helps!