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Serious security problem


Hello. I´m triying to contact ZOOM support but their answers are like they don't read half the message.  (sorry my english if I make mistakes)


 I use ZOOM meetings in my job and I make some private session in wich I want to alloy only resgistered people. But I have discovered that NOT registered people can access to that meetings with the ID and the access code, and it worse, ZOOM knew about that problem!!

Why didn´t ZOOM warn the users?!! 


So I set a recurring meeting with registration. People register and zoom sends an email with the link, the ID and the code. And if the registered people share the ID and the access code to other non registered people, those people can access to the meeting whitout registration. 

What can I do to fix that? I mean, I only want to allow my meetings the registered people. No matter how they accees to the meeteing


Thank you


best regards



The problem is your registrants sharing the meeting ID and password. Not Zoom. There is also a setting that allows only authenticated user to join:

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Albert83 


You can also trying meetings with registration. Also, enable waiting room so only people you allow to join the meeting can enter.


Hello @Albert83


waiting room:


Lastly, once you have the required number of attendees, you can lock the meeting:


Hope that helps