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Send Chat Message to All Co-hosts


I had thought that the Chat setting "Participant Can Chat With: Host and co-hosts" would mean that a chat message would be visible to the host and all the co-hosts.


But I'm finding it seems just to allow participants to message a host or co-host directly. Is there any way around this?


I was really hoping all our co-hosts would see any message coming in from our participants.





I had the same issue. We had a town hall meeting with 300 staff members and wanted  to use the chat as a way for staff to submit questions. I selected this option only co-hosts and hosts to see the chats  but I was told by staff people couldnt enter chats at all saying they didn't have permissions to do this.  I wish they would implement a Q&A feature in the meeting like they did for webinar. 


I seem to remember that co-hosts all received the chat messages to hosts/co-hosts (except direct messages) at once.  Now, meeting participants have to choose a co-host to send the message to.  Is there a way to have messages go to all co-hosts at once, say, in the case of a Q and A session?  Thanks for any assistance that be provided. 


has anyone answered your question?  im need all participants to be able to chat with panel (hosts and cohosts) at same time

No, sadly not. It doesn't seem to be possible at the moment. I'm not sure why they wouldn't give it as an option in the Chat.


I also had the same issue

yea same






Have any of you found a workaround? Id rather not do a webinar when having internal meetings - i just want the ability for our staff to submit questions through the chat/or q&A rather than yelling them out.


We just realized this last night. We had been using Webinars for our larger events for the last three years, and all of the hosts and panelists get the chats from attendees. This time we are using a Business Pro Meeting (so it has Q&A), and we were surprised to learn that participants cannot send a chat to all host/co-hosts; they have to choose one. That makes absolutely no sense because if someone needs assistance, the more eyes on the message, the better. If they choose the wrong co-host (or the host), they may not get an answer if those people are busy. The common-sense-feature differences between webinars and meetings continue to frustrate me.

I agree! Is this possible now?? Seems crazy they haven’t offered it.


Yes!! It would be great if there were a way to allow participants to chat to ALL co-hosts and the hosts by sending 1 private message to ALL.  There are two groups of participants that generally attend our meetings, and those two groups often pick fights with each other, so we have to create separate meetings directed toward each group separately.  But, if we could just turn off the participant's chat so the participants can't chat to each other, and only allow participants to chat to the co-hosts and the hosts, where ALL co-hosts and host can see the same message, that would be great.  That way, we could just hold 1 meeting for both group-types and not have to hold 2 separate meetings.