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Scrambled Voice when using Earphones ( AirPods. bluetooth headsets, wired earphones) on MacBook Air


Hi all!


I have been using a MacBook Air ( Big Sur 11.6)  for zoom meetings but when I try to attend a meeting using earphones. I hear a scrambled noise which disrupts my entire hearing process and I am forced to attend meetings on speaker. I tried using wired audio devices   to wireless earphones to apple's own AirPods 2, but to no avail. The result in all cases is the same.

I tried getting in touch with their support but it didn't address my issue. So I have turned to this community for help. Suggest me any tips to make it work. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @apxs045 


To help identify the issue, could you answer some questions?


When you switched to wired headphones, were they using a USB connection - and did they also have a microphone?


When you switch to headphones of any type, if you then Mute (your microphone) in Zoom do you still encounter the problem? If you haven't noticed - could you test this please?


When you have this problem are other people able to hear you clearly, or is that scrambled too?


If you attend a plain test Meeting at  do you still have the problem there?





Thanks @Rupert for taking note.


I was using the wired headphones with mic using the 3.5mm jack.

I faced the same issue when my mic was off as well as when it was on.

People on the other end are able to hear me clearly.

I tried attending the test meeting but I was the only participant so I got no output.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @apxs045 


In the test meeting you should have first heard a ringtone through your speakers/headphones - and then it should have recorded you speaking and then played it back to you. Did you not hear either of those things?


When you have your headphones connected (either wireless, or wired) are you able to hear other audio from your computer, other than Zoom, clearly?


Hello @Rupert  I tried the test meeting and was able to hear my voice clearly being replayed.

Yes, other than the zoom meeting I am able to hear audio from other websites and sources clearly.


I am having this problem of distorted voice when using iPods pro on a zoom meeting. But I am yet to see an answer here on zoom! what is the solution?