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Retrieving recordings from trash


When we retrieve a recording from Trash, and specify an expiry date (say 3 days), the recording is always returned to Trash within 24 hours, often before the person for whom the recording has been retrieved has had the opportunity to view it.  Is there any reason why this should be?  There are no other recordings in the current section, only in Trash, and according to Zoom, recordings in Trash do not count towards the storage allocation, so I don't think that allocated space is the issue.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello. I have a Zoom Pro Account. I'm testing this now, but it will be tomorrow before I know if my recording, which I had in the Trash and moved, gets moved back to the Trash. One image is attached. I selected three days also.


Thank you. I'll get back to you tomorrow (9/27/22) with my results.