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Required time between meetings?


Today I went to start my second lesson of 2 back to back online lessons. Zoom wouldn't connect and a box popped up saying that my last meeting had just ended and I needed to wait 10 minutes before i could start another one.  I can't find information about this anywhere in the basic free account stuff. Is this something new that is going to be a thing? 

I can't afford a paid account for only a few online lessons a week. Do I need to make sure that they are never back to back? 

What is going on? 



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @CrazyAlto 
Free accounts are now strictly only 40 mins
The 10 min wait is now enforced so you can not just restart.
Please consider supporting Zoom by purchasing Pro or taking a 10-minute break every 40 minutes.

all the best



I know the 40 minute limit. But nowhere in their plan information does it say anything about this new 10 minute break.  In fact it says that if you want longer you can end and start a new meeting. If they are going to add additional restrictions they need to list them. Also there should be a more affordable way to "support" Zoom than signing up for an expensive yearly plan. 10 minute breaks don't work in a music store enforced schedule of 30 minutes/student for 6 hours straight. When 2 or 3 of those get switched to online because the road is closed or someone is contagious there is no way to keep them from ending up back to back.