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Repeated password reset emails


Two weeks ago I received an email from *********** insisting that I reset my password and turn on two-factor authentication.  If I did not comply my password would be automatically reset.  I performed both actions.


Now today I have another such email claiming to identify users whose credentials have been stolen with the same threat.  Besides being annoyed, I strongly suspect that the algorithm being used is simply wrong.  I do use Zoom on two devices (a Windows laptop and a Macbook) but I don't recall even using the Macbook since the last password reset.  Both devices have a reasonable set of malware and firewall protections and the is no password sharing (and, as I mentioned, two-factor is turned on).  


How do I stop this email nag cycle?




Phishing emails could be another reason why you are receiving password reset emails. It is sent to users to steal their personal data. So, don't respond or tap on any links to protect your account. I request you to strictly refrain from entering your password or any confidential information.