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Reoccurring Meetings


Hi there, 

When I create a recurring I set the meeting ID to my personal ID, then I set the reoccurring settings and the meet ID defaults to a random ID that I don't want to use and my group isn't familiar with. 


I tried this multiple times. 


This used to work so I assume it is bug?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @SDenny.


Recurring meetings can’t use the PMI, unless they are set with “No fixed time”. The management of the recurring series and the individual meetings depends on having a unique ID. 

See the Notes in this Zoom Support article: 


See especially this section:

  • Recurring meetings with fixed recurrence patterns (daily, weekly, monthly) cannot be scheduled with your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) since your PMI is reserved so that you can start or schedule a meeting at any time, similar to a no-fixed-time recurring meeting. 

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