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Remote Access and Signatures on Adobe


Hello, Previously when using Zoom I would be able to give clients remote access and have them sign documents via Adobe. Now when using Adobe and giving clients remote access they cannot sign the documents through their device. They do receive the notification that they have remote access, they can control the screen but cannot sign or draw anything while on Adobe. They attempt to move the pencil to formulate a signature but only small black dots are made with every attempt that is made in trying to sign the document. I use the desktop version of Zoom, not the web version. All settings for remote access are on so I'm not sure what has changed. I noticed the change in the beginning of December. Any thoughts on what could be happening? 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @DY23, hmm, interesting. Have you tried uninstalling your Zoom desktop client and reinstalling it? To uninstall please follow this help article and to install again just go to!


Let me know if that helps? 


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