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Recurring Meetings without Date/Time


Why am I no longer able to schedule recurring meetings without a date and time?  My client meetings change from week to week, which makes it impossible to schedule recurring meetings for clients who change their meeting date and time.  The meeting link is specific to the client, not the date or time.  Does anyone have a fix for this?  Without this feature it means having to create a new link each time I schedule the same client, rather than providing the client with a link the client can use for all meetings.



Apparently the option has been removed from the desktop client app - I just had to set up a fixed time meeting via the app, then log in via the web portal and change to "no fixed time." This is an unnecessary step and there's no reason to have depreciated it from the app.

Thanks, draddison! This is very helpful. (Agreed--why we have to go into the web portal rather than the actual and most current (as of 8/8/23) Zoom app is either plain silly or a silly oversight.)