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Recording frame size


😡 😤 Alright! Where are my tech people? I have a question about making recordings on my paid Zoom Acct. I use a decent 1080p HD webcam along with my cellphone as a top view camera during recordings. Sometimes I make a video and it comes out at a frame size of 640p x 360p and sometimes, I’ll record EXACTLY the same thing the same way and it’ll record at 1280p x 720p. The smaller resolution translates to a very grainy video quality when made full screen! PLEASE! Can SOMEONE out there tell me why this happens?!?!?


Community Champion

I’ve reviewed this chart many times and have done ALL of the things it says I need but sometimes with back to back identical recordings, I get 2 different resolution sizes. It doesn’t make sense!

Community Champion

Hi @ATaylor81 

If you want to get the answer, why don't you contact Zoom Technical support. I guess that Zoom Support will help you.

Chatbot: chatbot
Web Ticket: Web Ticket Request.
Phone: See above the link