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Question about recording a meeting


I was logged into my school account for a zoom interview, however, I was doing it from my iPhone that has the latest version of zoom and also I was in someone else's personal meeting room as a host. Is there any way that this recording is somewhere? I've tried going through my phone and logging into zoom on my laptop and going to the recording section there. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @cloudyskies22.


Recording locally isn’t possible from a phone or tablet device. So assuming  you started a recording, it had to be a Cloud Recording. It sounds like you were in someone else’s Personal Meeting Room, they made you the Host, and you started the Cloud Recording there.


Cloud Recordings are always saved into the recordings of the Meeting Owner. Being the Host doesn’t change who owns the Meeting.  Contact the person that owns the PMI room and ask them to make it available to you to download. 

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