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Question about Zoom deploy using Intune (Endpoint Manager) via MSI




I am trying to deploy the latest version of Intune using the MSI I get from the Zoom admin portal and Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune).  I have followed the documentation as well as I can from this link - but I am still encountering what appears to be a command-line syntax error (0x80070667) as the package deploy result - which essentially seems to mean that I am using the wrong combination of MSI command line client configuration items in the packages setup.  (Without these Command-line arguments the package will deploy fine so I know it's just an error with how I have this formatted.)


This is what I have entered in Command-line arguments in Endpoint Manager for the app advertisement:

ZoomAutoUpdate="true" ZConfig="nogoogle=1;nofacebook=1;EnableSilentAutoUpdate=true;AutoStartAfterReboot=true” ZRecommend="AudioAutoAdjust=1"


My assumption is that I am using the list of features after Zconfig wrong, but when I tried breaking them out into separate discreet statements I had the same behavior so I am just not sure what I am doing wrong.  Any help anyone can provide would be VERY helpful.


Thank you