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Problems sending zoom meeting by Outlook


Hi to everyone! I have been trying to send a zoom meeting by outlook for 254 attendees; I set configuration for meeting and when I click on send scheduling window appears but meeting never it send, this windows remains for until 15 minutes until I cancel it. When I try to save the meeting the same happens and I cannot save it. Also I did Windows update and still not working.


Any one can give me some guidance? Thanks in advance!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @BarbsLopez, I've got to ask if you're using the plug-in or the add-on? IF the plug-in, which sounds similar to what you're experiencing this issue should have been fixed in release 5.9.0.

I would suggest to update the Outlook Plugin, visit the Download Center and click the Download button under "Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook."


Secondly, here are release notes for Outlook plugin 


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