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Problem with invitee joining a scheduled meeting


I schedule a meeting for tomorrow, for example. I copy the link and send it to the individual I am asking to join. The invitee says they cannot join as when they click on the link, they get a message that says the user is busy with another meeting. Would appreciate some help.



Hello @pjpreidecker 


If you are in another meeting at the time the other user clicks on the link for your other meeting (even if it is scheduled in the future) they will receive a message saying you are busy in another meeting - because you are.


Hope this helps.





Yes, But I am not in another meeting. I start the scheduled meeting a few minutes before the planned time. When the invitee tries to join, he gets a message that says I'm busy in another meeting. 



I’m so glad I’m not alone with this problem 

you are not alone. I have the same problem


I have only recently started to have the same problem. Help!


I had no other meetings booked, past, present or future, just the one that no one could enter 

I too am having this problem 


I am the original poster of this problem and it is still unresolved. I schedule a meeting for tomorrow. A few minutes before the start time, I log in and start the meeting. All of the invitees get the same message that I am in another meeting. But, I am not. The only solution is to log out, start a new meeting, copy and paste the info and send it out as a new invite. This is not convenient. I have latest version of Zoom on my iMac desktop, and it is running the latest soft. I have cleared the cache in settings and this does not help either. Is there any remedy to this? I would say it happens in excess of 50% of the time.