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ProTools audio interface won't work with Zoom & can't get support on premium plan, Zoom doesn't care


I'm using ProTools 2023 on a Mac with iOS 12.6.5 Monterey. I'm using a symphony audio interface. And that does come up under the preferences on zoom for both microphone and speakers (of course you can't get into preferences until you start a meeting which is kind of silly because you want to get the stuff set up prior but it won't allow you to do that but that's not the biggest problem) but you do start a meeting and you go to preferences you can select the correct audio interface which in my case is an apogee symphony audio desktop. That allows for microphone speakers and headset to interface. So it does select that but it doesn't work. It won't play back the music that's playing on ProTools. Even though the audio interface is selected, even tried it with the MacBook speakers but that doesn't work because the person is not gonna hear that either because it's coming across the speakers it's just gonna clip in and out which is what happened in a test trial of that.

The greatest negative here is that even when you pay for a plan that's supposed to have support. Their bot chat service doesn't allow you to get support, if you call into their phone number and you press number two for support and you put in a planned meeting, which you then have to create just to be able to get support, and then you put in your six digit priority code it still doesn't allow you to talk to anybody. Worst service ever. Has anybody figured out how to make zoom work correctly? With an audio interface. I write music and I need to be able to collaborate remotely with people. After four hours of trying to deal with this today and three months trying numerous times, I might sound a little snippy about the lack of support from zoom..

Thanks for your help BergRock