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Pop up windows when screen sharing


Last evening I was giving a demonstration of some Photographic Competition Software. After images have been scored by a judge they are displayed in a slideshow, however, the image title, author, scores and awards appear in a pop-up window which overlays the image and stays on screen for 5 seconds.

I was sharing my screen and all meeting participants could see the images but only I could see the pop-ups.

I'm guessing Zoom sees those as unshared windows ?

Is it possible to configure Zoom on my computer so that 'all' windows appearing on my screen are shared ?

Any help gratefully received, thanks


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @jcc285 do you mind me asking as to how you were sharing screen? Whether you were sharing your whole desktop, a specific application window, or a portion of your screen? 


Basic Screen Share Options (Desktop and Window selection)


Or, you have the option to share a portion of your screen within the Advanced tab.

Zoom Community Moderator

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I was sharing a specific application Window i.e. the Competition Software.

I have changed my Share Settings to select 'Share all windows from an application'

Hopefully that will share the pop-ups which were previously missing.

Thanks for your help