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Not sure where to put this, but have seen a similar post here.  I got a message that my account was compromised.  Not sure how since I have always had 2FA enabled, and all of my passwords for web pages are different, but like a good boy I changed my password.  And then remembered the problem I had the last time I changed my password.  I use really complex passwords.  Except on sites like Zoom.  The website can handle a password with spaces in it, but the Linux zoom client cannot.  Apparently Windows zoom clients can't either.  I can't log into the Zoom client with a password with spaces in it.  2022?



Changing your password

-Changing your password #Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
-Click Profile.
-Scroll down to Sign In Password, Click Edit on the right.
-Enter your Old Password.
-Enter your New Password, then enter it a second time to confirm. Note: Make sure your password meets the requirements.
-Click Save Changes.


This may help you,

Rachel Gomez