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I administrate a 12 step zoom group in which there are various hosts for the 7 meetings a week we offer. The username and password to log in and chair the meeting are the same I use to get into the website where meeting settings, payment information, and contact info are there an option to use separate passwords to host a meeting vs accessing the website?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If you allow joining before the host then anyone with your host key can take control of the meeting as the host and you do not need to provide your username and password. You can change the host key at anytime. Meanwhile participants can join before the host arrives.

Host key? Does that mean the link and password associated with the link (say from a website listing online meetings)...Your solution sounds like it would work...but that solution would necessitate that I join every meeting and assign a host, then leave...not really feasible.  In the course of the lifetime of this particular meeting there have been many willing to open the meeting and serve as host. Some have relapsed, some just got tired of doing it, or life has become too busy and they can't honor their commitment, so they give someone else the user id and password, and the circle grows...and the possibility of mischief grows along with it. I have been unable to locate a number to call "customer support" and talk to someone about this issue, and the AI doesn't understand the question. Do you know of a number I can call, or a way to get them to call me back?

Well, I've enabled join meeting before host, disabled the waiting room, and enabled claim host with host key, and I still get put in the waiting room waiting for host to start meeting when I log in under my personal name