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Participant join requests not showing to host


I was running the fourth session of a recurring meeting, and 2 of my regular participants weren't able to join (other regulars had joined fine a few minutes before). I have a waiting room enabled for the meeting, and those who made it in showed up and I let them in as usual. Later, I found emails from the two who didn't get in, saying they had tried to join and it had sat at the 'host will let you in soon' screen. I, however, never got a notification that they were waiting, so wasn't able to let them in. They did request to join about a minute after the meeting started, but I people have joined late before with no issues at all, and I certainly don't stop people joining late. As far as I know, I hadn't done anything different this week to previous weeks, when I had no issues. Is there a) a way to stop this happening again, and b) a way to get people in to the meeting even if I can't see their request to join? Many thanks!



I experienced this today. Unfortunately, I was on the frustrating end as the recipient. Cannot seem to find a working solution.




This happened to me this morning. I sent invites, they received them and they tried to enter, but i could not let them in!