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Participant Window Control




Is there a way in which to control the size and layout of the participant windows?  I integrate Zoom with OBS and, as you know, the participant windows change size and layout orientation depending on the number connected.


I would like to have a set size and layout regardless of the number of people in a meeting.  This would be of an extreme value if there is indeed a way.


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Thank You

Jimmy Roberts



Hi, how are you today @JImmy_Roberts?
I am really sorry but I don't know how to solve this as I am not familiar with this... I hope this issue gets solved.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @JImmy_RobertsIt's been some time, hope you're doing well! When adjusting your Zoom meeting window, whether you're in gallery view or speaker view, adjusting the entire window will also adjust all participant's windows to fit the Meeting window's adjustment.


I don't believe there is a way to customize each participant window for resizing at this time; however, you can pin up to 9 participant windows if you want to pin 9 participant windows for yourself in-meeting (bigger sized participant window).


I hope this information is useful! For any feedback you'd like to submit, you can do so by going to 

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Thank you for the response.

If by pinning the participant windows prevents them from changing sizes when participants join or leave, it would be useful.

Does it?

If not, this would be a very good feature to consider adding at least to some extent.  There are many who want to do this.



Jimmy Roberts

Yes. Adjusting the participant window size seems to be key to me. 

We use at a church with a room with 70 people and around 40 people zooming in.  We use a 65" TV in front of the room so people in the room can see the Zoomers.  Must be able to have around 10 zoomers on the TV at a time, with large images, and scroll through the other participants so the people in the room can actually see the Zooming people.