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Overlay partial screen image on a current Virtual Background ?



Is there any way in the current Zoom system to add (overlay)  one or more partial screen images to an existing background -- without having to make an entirely new background image each time I want to do so?



The current "advanced " PowerPoint presenter screen-share mode (BETA) is too clunky for me: (a) the system forces me to follow an unanimated  pre-uploaded PP slide deck (hard to make real-time changes to what I want to present); (b) the presenter's "foreground" image is low quality and visually amateurish-looking; and (c) I lose my existing background.     


My current work around:

1. Use webcam settings to move my own foreground image to one side of the screen over my original background;

2,  Create a library of screen shots of my key slides and any other images I [may] want to add (overlay on)to my own background (I size them so they can be placed to one side of the existing background). 

3. Either before a meeting (or even on the fly during a meeting) I create a new entire background image (using MS Publisher) by adding to my original background image whatever image (one or more) I want to display. 

4. I save the whole new background image and upload it to my backgrounds library in Zoom 


That's a primitive approach requiring many many backgrounds and lots of repetitive time and effort.


I would much rather be able to overlay a partial image on top of an existing background (real or virtual)  and remove/replace/move/add another image to the background when I want to move on.       

'Can I do this in Zoom?

If not, the solution would be a "Partial Image" feature under the Virtual Background tab to enable the user add an image to the current background, click on an image already added (to move or delete or replace it), and an "accept change" button to implement the action -- shall I send this suggestion on to the team?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @DrBIW, unfortunately, besides the slides as virtual background there isn't another functionality within Zoom yet; however, encourage to send your feedback to


You can also just share the screen, either the application opened, desktop, specific files, or partially the screen. More info on Sharing your screen or desktop on Zoom


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