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Ordering recurring meetings


I use Zoom very frequently and I have a list of nearly 100 recurring ('no fixed time') meetings. Is there a way of ordering them alphabetically or ordering them in any other way, so when I go to MEETINGS I find each one in an easier way?



I'm interested in this issue as well. As a Mac user I have grown accustomed to desktop widgets, of which Zoom is one. The only (significant) problem is that the widget displays the upcoming meetings in haphazard order. Consequently, Zoom's Widget is basically useless for anyone like ourselves that have more than a few recurring meetings. I assume you never got an answer to your inquiry since it was posted a long time ago. One would think that the ordering of meetings would be basic functionality.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @KeenZoomer @Kazoom thank you for the feedback! Im curious where you are seeing your recurring meetings? Is that in the desktop client, web portal, or calendar service? 


To my understanding, maybe a feature request here; but some sort of filtering of A-Z or Z-A when seeing your meeting within the Zoom desktop client or Web Portal? It looks like by default, my upcoming recurring no fixed time were presented in A-Z, alphabetically. Are you not experiencing the same?


I have uploaded 2 screenshots of the Zoom desktop client > Meetings tab > *scrolling down* you will see your recurring meetings. Also a point of view from the Zoom web portal on upcoming recurring meetings at Check to see if your list of meetings are sorted A-Z, alphabetically. 


Web Portal

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 1.04.14 PM.png


Zoom desktop client > Meetings Tab

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 12.59.39 PM.png


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Have you heard about Zoom AI Companion? ➡️ Check it out!


Zoom on iPad under Meetings. Would like to order these Meetings by day of week (per my meeting naming convention). Also, would like to be able to delete a recurring meeting on my iPad—not sure how that can be done…

Thank you for any advice.



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Thank you both. I am afraid, I am still in the dark. Let me clarify: I am also using an iMac; and my web browser is OPERA (the one recommended by my university); I access ZOOM via my university in OPERA, via this:

https://[my university]

This is what I see: 



My question remains the same. How do I order my nearly 100 RECURRING meetings so that I can faster access each one of them ? As they are, they are not in any order, either alphabetical or chronological (i.e. when I originally set them). Surely, this must be a function that affects many Zoom users. Help, please!