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Option to switch between Camera and the Presentation Screen.


Hi, Is there any option to switch between the Camera and the Presentation Screen quickly, without closing the screen sharing?  If there is no such option to do it now,  is it possible to make some software improvements to enable such an option to use the full screen Camera view, while doing a presentation.



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @MathewK, are you referring to Gallerview and Speaker View? If you're sharing your desktop with and you're not sharing Zoom windows or your desktop, just a specific application i.e Chrome, if you were to switch windows,  participants will not be able to see your Zoom windows or any content. To switch between views, however, you can click on the  to switch views. 



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I think Matthew's question is the same as mine (which is why I found it) - it's not about gallery versus speaker but switching from presentation sharing with Share Screen to using the webcam to address the meeting - without all the faff of having to unshare the screen first and then reshare to continue.  It could be dome more seamlessly,