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Need Help running a virtual background on Parallels for Mac




I'm an independent contractor meeting with customers every day over Zoom, and I just got a new M1 MacBook Pro as much of my business is done on Mac. However, as I now run parallels since M1 Macs no longer have access to Bootcamp, I'm encountering an issue I never had before. Zoom no longer allows me to have virtual backgrounds up which is a problem as I work from home. It just says, "your devices does not support virtual backgrounds". This doesn't make sense as I can use them just fine when running on the Mac side of things. And yes, I know I run both Mac and Windows simultaneously on it, but it's a lot easier to have them both on the Windows at the same time for what I do. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?



There are some things where I am facing the same problem with the background you can see here kindly check it and suggest me something about it.