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NO recording function on Android


Hi folks.

I am trying to record meeting on an android device, a Motorola G7, but I am not offered ANY recording facility.

I know you cannot record locally on a mobile device, but I am not offered a cloud option either.

When I open the 'more' tab, the options presented are as shown in the pics attached.

I am the host, and its on a free plan.

Any thoughts?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello Steve, 

Thanks for reaching out to Zoom Community. 

Basic (free) users only have access to Local Recording and due to device processing limitation, Local Recording only available in Mac, Windows and Linux computer or laptop. You may refer to this article for further explanation about Local Recording: 

Recording Zoom meeting using mobile device or tablet are only available via Cloud Recording. Cloud Recording are available to all Licensed (Pro and above) users only. You may refer to this article for further explanation about Cloud Recording: 

Hope you find the answer helpful. Keep Zooming !!