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Mirroring Disabled while using Powerpoint as Virtual Background


I discovered the PowerPoint as Virtual Background today and I love it! However, it disables mirroring while I use it and I can't figure out how to turn mirroring back on.  When I go to Background & Effects in Settings, the "Mirror my video" is greyed out while I am using Powerpoint as Virtual Background.  Any help appreciated!


Community Champion

I have confirmed that it is currently not possible to mirror your video while using the Slides as Virtual Background option. I'm very sorry about this inconvenience! I will be asking our documentation team to include this limitation in our article on the feature. I am however thinking this by design, as the mirrored video is only visible to you (meaning participants always receive the non-mirrored version). This could cause you to lean in the wrong direction while sharing and cover a portion of the presentation, as you would not be seeing the same video as the participants.




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