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Meeting description not updating on a recurring scheduled meeting


Hello all


I set up a recurring meeting.  In the Edit All Occurrences tab I put an overall meeting description of the purpose of the series of meetings

Then as each individual meeting is due I put a tailored details in for that meeting only 'edit this occurrence only' but it does not save, it just reverts back to the overall series details again

So I went into 'Edit All Occurrences' and just put that months meeting details in but it still will not save

HOWEVER when I register for the meeting it is showing the new details on the registration confirmation details but not when I go into my meetings in my account.

I hope this is making senses.....


So to be clear even when I add a new meeting description in 'edit this occurrence only' or 'edit all occurrences' it's not changing....



I'm having the same problem. The changes show on the registration page, but not on the main meeting management page.