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Low Quality Video - even with High Internet Bandwidth




For some reason, I think zoom is not able to maximize internet bandwidth.

I already enabled Group HD video but it did not solve the problem.


On statistics it only shows 480p resolution whereas my camera is capable of even 1080p.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @ulyleyva,


The Settings window Statistics tab will show the current video being sent and received, but to trigger HD video, you must meet all of the requirements listed in this Zoom Support article: 

If you are by yourself, you won’t see HD. If no attendee has Full Screen View on, no HD. If the bandwidth requirements are not met by those that might otherwise get HD, there’ll be no HD. I’ve tested the video output and received resolution many times, and under the right conditions, it works fine. 

For example, if everyone is looking at Gallery View, there’s no reason to send HD since the best View anyone has of two or more cameras is 540p.  As soon as someone Pins your video or selects Speaker View, HD will kick in, if other conditions are met.  If you’re Screen Sharing, and the participants have the usual small video of you, there’s no reason to send HD. In fact, Zoom is responsive to the viewers size of the Speakers video when Screen Sharing; as you slide the vertical bar to enlarge the Speaker video, you can watch the received video resolution adjust to give the best possible resolution needed

I hope this clarifies when you should expect to see HD video. Note also that for Webinars, HD video has to be enabled in the Webinar Options section. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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