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Log in error code 100000403

  • I have been experiencing log-in problem with zoom app this afternoon with an error code "100000403"  (I'm using Android system). This code is related to connectivity issues caused by a network firewall or antivirus softwar, but I was using my  company's WIFI and we have never experienced this kind of  connectivity issues, and neither have I had any log in problem like this before.


I tried logging in with my desktop and it worked just fine. Therefore I suspect it's some kind of system bug. 


And I was trying to send a ticket reporting this issue, and I guess me as a free account user can no longer submit a ticket to technical support as my ticket was "automatically" closed?


And I also tried to connect to an online agent, and he said that he would follow up with an email AND forward my enquiry to the technical support, and I have yet to receive any email from that online agent. 


So basically I was logged out of the  zoom app due to an error which was not even caused by me as a user, and I tried seeking help by following your SOP by submitting a ticket as well as speaking with an online agent, but it looks like I'm not getting any help at all! 


Has anyone experienced the same error code before upon logging in?


Thanks very much to those who can give a helpline hand! 



I have the same problem, it's some kind of general error

Hi Kim,


You had the same problem? Did you get it resolved? 

We had to hold a conference and more than 40% of people could not come in, including some of the speakers. I had to quickly switch to another broadcast application.


Same problem here 🙋


Same problem here today 


I have similar problem:

I gain notification "Unstable network, tap to reconnect" (All my relatives have this notification too). I decided to delate cache and data in phone settings and reinstall Zoom. After reinstalling problem was solved until I exited the application.

So when I reinstalled it again and had to log into my account, an error occurred. I received notification "Login failed. Failed to connect to Zoom".

Instead, I started entering the details of the second account and everything was fine until I was asked to enter a code from the mail.  The first time I got it. However, he did not work. I received a notification that it has expired. Then I clicked on the button to be sent another code, but it did not arrive in my mailbox.

I reinstalled Zoom a third time. I started to enter the data of the second account and the message about failed login appeared on this account: "Login failed. Failed to connect to Zoom".

Hey there thanks for the feedback.

Yes that's exactly what's happened to me too!  I uninstalled and reinstalled because the app just somehow didn't respond, and my status shows "offline" and so my other colleagues! Usually if I log out and log in again the app is back to normal, but it didn't allow me to do so; I tried logging out but it took me back to the team chat screen instead! 

Weird! The whole app was so unstable!

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and tried logging in again, and this was when the error message showed up! 


Same issue occuring with me 

The app is finally back to normal!