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Locked out of account


My school recently switched from google to outlook emails. I now no longer have access to my gmail account, but it was what I was using to sign into zoom. I found out I can create a new account with the same email to allow me to sign in with the email instead. By now I am now locked out of my account due to too many failed login attempts and have received nothing by email with any further information. Please advise.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @cjol050 

The lock-out after failing to successfully sign-in only lasts a short time, so by now you should be able to try signing in again. 

For your email situation, did your email address change, or just the email service you are using? If your email address is still the same, the emails from Zoom should still be able to reach you, regardless of if Outlook or Gmail is handling your emails. IF you have a different email address all together, then you will need an account admin to assist you, or to contact Zoom Support directly.