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Local recording saved video and audio separately


I need to playback the video of my zoom meeting. I recorded, converted it, and saved it to my local computer.


When I go to play the video (Mp4) there is no sound. When I look at the files saved, there are three: the Mp4, an M4a audio file, and recording.conf. (See attached screenshot)


How do I playback both the video and audio?



I have the same issue, and I can't find anything on the Zoom help that explains this.  Awful service, and I'm paying for it.

I had the same issue and can not find any support. 


I was able to solve the problem myself. In my case, it was a setting. When I opened the video, the audio volume was turned all the way down by default. I still don't know why it happened, but turning up the volume fixed my problem.


I am also having this issue.  I recorded two portions of a meeting and I had 5 files, two videos, two audio, and a .conf.  The audio and video files have no sound.  I tried adjusting the volume but no luck.  Has zoom released any updates on this issue?