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Issues Dialing into a zoom meeting - password not recieved



I am required to dial into meetings via phone and when I do I enter the meeting ID followed by # (and this works fine)

Then I am asked to put in participant ID and/or passcode  when I do so (sometimes) it doesn't recognise it; and, to be clear it doesn't recognise that I am inputting any numbers it says I have not submitted a passcode so it is not the case of me using the wrong passcode.   

This happens to both me and my colleagues and it happens when we dial in from both our work phones and our mobile so it must be (I guess) an issue with the zoom meetings that we are setting up ???  Any help GREATLY appreciated


Note Taker

HI Jasono,

Have you tried turning off the passcode requirement to see if you can dial in with it off? I would also suggest you reach out to Zoom's technical support team on this. Submit a request – Zoom Help Center 

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If you are not receiving the OTP emails in your inbox, search your spam folder as sometimes the emails end up there. Learn more about troubleshooting issues related to not receiving emails from Zoom. If none of the above steps help, submit a request to Zoom Support.