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Issue using clicker for shared PowerPoint prsenatation=



We regularly hold company-wide staff meetings using Zoom in a large room for in-person and remote participants. Like many people, our presenters use PowerPoint. PowerPoint runs on a PC that is also a Zoom meeting participant and co-host. Presenters use a Logitech R500 clicker attached to the Media PC, so the speaker has control over their presentation.
One problem we have is that the first slide change always has to be done on the PC. The presenter has no control over the PowerPoint presentation until the first slide is changed using the mouse or keyboard on the PC. Once the first slide is changed, then the clicker works normally. This problem occurs when the screen is normally shared in Zoom and also when we share using the "Share PowerPoint as a virtual background" feature.


Has anyone run into this and know how to get a clicker to respond consistently on the first slide? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!



That is because the clicker just sends keystrokes to whatever application is in the foreground.

Straight after you invoke screen sharing, Zoom is still the foreground application.

You can click on Powerpoint in the task bar, or use Alt-Tab to bring Powerpoint back to the foreground.
Yes, I find this annoying too, but the workaround isn't too hard.


regarding this issue, it seems that whenever a person writes something in the chat, Zoom once again becomes the foreground and the clicker loses connectivity.  Any solves for this?



It would be useful to assign the wireless clicker just to Powerpoint 

The clicker will never be used to navigate in zoom