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I can't seem to join Meeting Room


I'm trying to join a meeting room but it is not allowing me to enter. 


Says error 1001 Meeting host is inactive. 


Not sure what it means after self search:


Zoom error code 1001 means you are using an email address that does not belong to your Zoom account. This error code may appear on your screen if you have another Zoom account outside of your current organization (school or university).


How do i solve this. Please help.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Characterisfate ,

You're saying you are trying to join a meeting room, so I assume it is not your own meeting (or else you would be starting it).
The error 1001 is actually self-describing but it is not what you have found (I guess you find a different error).
This is what it means: Zoom error code 1001  and it simply means and I quote: the host of the meeting has been disabled or restricted. You will not be able to join this meeting.

The problem is not with your account (email address) but the account of the original host of this meeting.
You need to get in touch to whatever shared with you the meeting details.

Hope this helps.