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How to set a program association for link


I have a complete beginner's question, but I can't find a solution...

I am on the Windows 7 Laptop, I installed Zoom app now.

I wanted to test it, so I found on a Test link....

When I click on that link, I am given a windows dialog - what program would you use to open that link?!

Typically that would be a program files/program/program.exe

However with Zoom - I searched and found that Zoom exe is in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Zoom\bin

- so I pointed to that exe, but it didn't help....

I already have an open Zoom exe Welcome screen - and that Web Meeting link just points me to the same Zoom Welcome screen.

Or should I point to some another exe file?!

Or how to set this program association?!