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How much cloud recording storage space am I using?


Unless I'm missing something, there's no easy way to gauge the free remaining space for cloud recording storage. 


I exported the list of recordings, and the following is the column of the size of files for each meeting.  Autosum will not run on this column because of the extraneous information for files, and the fact teh data shows in gigs and megs.  One must eyeball it or manually edit the entries to get an accurate autosum.


335 MB(3 Files)
1.13 GB(4 Files)
1.35 GB(3 Files)
318 MB(2 Files)
1.24 GB(3 Files)
247 MB(4 Files)
773 MB(3 Files)


Hey Zoom dev team, how about giving us some transparency as to our current cloud storage recording space usage!?


Making the storage consumption data accessible is hardly a technical issue - it's an ethical choice.  It's time to make this right. 




Note Taker

Not a bad idea, @cjjag74. Unfortunately Zoom devs don’t frequent the Zoom Community, which is “staffed” primarily by volunteers.


 Make a feature request here to have your voice heard: https://zoom.us/feed/ 

Ray - "Old Desert Lizard" / GoodClix.com
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Great suggestion, Ray. Thanks for raising it.  I've submitted that feedback through the feedback link.