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How do i delete a Faceboook Live connection that was setup in ZOOM.`


Have been learning Zoom to help Church better manage their services. Setup FB Live stream by enabling Facebook live in advanced meeting section. Successfully tested from Church Zoom account to my personal Facebook.  When I go back configure with Church FB account, cannot find way to delete my previous test connection in Zoom - when in meeting and clicking on the Live on Facebook option . 

Tried the custom option, but it does not seem to provide  "oly" me option so I don't broadcast my test meeting live on church FB page. So am nervous of that option for now.


Cannot find any resource that helps illuminate how this works  and assume I might be missing the obvious?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @beecrouse, apologies for the late welcome - but we're glad you're here! If you have followed the steps for Livestreaming meetings or webinars on Facebook. Within Facebook, I believe to delete a live stream from your feed you need to click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the video and choose “delete”?




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I need to delete a live video where a person showed up on the zoom masterbating.  HELP!! It's on my FB page and I clicked the three dots. No option to delete or even change the audience to me alone.  HELP