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Help needed! Android can't connect to audio.


Has anyone encountered this trouble? I cannot find any related troubleshooting in the community. Cannot connect to audio and the microphone icon disappears from the menu.

I was having a zoom meeting with a friend. He was using an Android phone and he clicked to connect to audio when he entered the meeting room. However, later it says he did not connect to audio. And it does not work no matter how many times he restarts the meeting. 

Typically, when you open the participant list, there are an icon of a microphone and an icon of a camera besides everyone's name. But besides my friend's name, there was only the icon of a camera. The icon of the microphone does not exist. 

Many thanks!!!



Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hi Deanrun


I can recommend testing audio from Android and making sure he has the latest Zoom Desktop Application latest version.


Joining with device audio in a meeting

  1. If this is the first Zoom meeting that you've joined, you will be asked to give access to your microphone.
  2. When you join the meeting, you will be prompted to enter the audioo by using one of the following audio options:
    • Call via Device Audio: Connects AAudio through the internet.
    • Dial-in: Provides options to dial into the Zoom Meeting via telephone.
    • Call My Phone: Calls your phone to join the meeting. Requires an audio plan for the meeting host.
  3. If you choose Cancel, you can open the prompt again by tapping Audio
  4. Once connected, you will see the microphone icon to mute and unmute in the bottom left-hand corner.


  5. If you need to join the AAudio with a different method, you can disconnect AAudio by tapping More and then Disconnect Audio.

    You can refer this article to him


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This is not possible I think you have to check the audio speaker of your device because I am using zoom from 3  years and never faced this issue you can visit here to learn about it.