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Help! Recorded a Meeting and Transcript is HUGE and Covering Faces


Hi all,


I'm a longtime Zoom user, and usually have few issues.


However, I had a playreading last night, which we held for the public over Zoom. We allowed the option for others to enable/use live transcription, but I did not enable it on my end, as it was a script, so no transcription needed. I did see the usual Zoom notification that Live Transcription was being used (by someone, not by me).


The meeting went great, and I recorded it successfully. I did not see a transcript onscreen.


However, my recording includes an onscreen auto-transcript closed-caption, and it's AWFUL. Let me count the ways:


  • It's an auto-transcript so (since this is a play) it is completely wrong and mostly gibberish.
  • The font is HUGE and covers some of the performers' faces completely

I have recorded countless meetings and events and this has never happened to me before. The only thing I changed before this one was that we used Focus, so that we could limit who was onscreen in the recording (actors only, not audience).


Is there any way for me to remove the onscreen transcript? I tried deleting the closed caption *.txt file and replacing it with an empty one, but when I re-converted the Zoom file it still has this MASSIVE transcript obscuring it.


Again -- this was not onscreen while I was recording! So it seems like I should be able to remove it somehow then re-export it?


Please note: I double-checked my Accessibility settings, and they show my Closed Caption font preference as the smallest possible (80%) with Chat Display Size also at smallest (80%). The "Captions will look like this" bar shows a small black bar with small white text. Not at all like the huge outlined font I have here!


What can I do here? Anything? I will be devastated if this is the only recording I have of this event, which was a huge milestone for me as a writer.


Thanks for any help you can give!


Screenshot attached.