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Guests/students can no longer join before me....


Hi there, For the last two years that I've been on Zoom (though the college where I teach), participants have been able to join before me. As of a couple of days ago, that's no longer the case.


I've gone through settings and it would seem they should be able, but everyone has to go through the waiting room now. Has this happened to anyone else? I like my students to be there before I'm there so they can chat among themselves.


Any help will be appreciated.




Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hi, @Inkmama (Barbara). Thanks for contributing to Zoom Support.

It is mandatory to have either "Waiting room," or "Passcode" enabled for your meeting. It could be changed by your admin settings and forced to be a waiting room. You can always change it if you go to your meeting setting or the personal meeting room.


If you schedule your meetings in advance, you can un-check the Waiting Room option during the meeting setup.


If you are starting your meetings instantly, you can click on the Security icon in the meeting and un-check Waiting Room.


If you want to disable Waiting Room for good, you can do that here:


But you will still need to have at least one security measure on your Meetings - so you are left with a Passcode or Require Authentication.

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