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Google Workspace are not showing in Zoom Applications - was Migrated from o365 to Google Workspace


Zoom keeps closing my ticket within 30 seconds so I am posting here.



1. We migrated from o365 to Google Workspace.

2. Our o365 meeting were also migrated to Google Workspace.


3. We are finding that  o365  Migrated meetings --->  into Google Workspace 


.........are not showing within the Zoom Application that we are paying for.


4. We have enabled Zoom on a Corp level within Google Workspace.


5. We need to hash this out, as there are Several users that are not seeing o365  Migrated meetings into Google Workspace not showing  in Zoom application.


I have attached Screenshots of one of our users that is having this issue.


ANY help would be appreciated on insight.


Community Champion

Hi RBringham

What kind of plan do you have? Depending on that, you may need account owner/admin to open the ticket. Otherwise ticket will auto close.

As for the issue itself, the resolution does not look like straightforward & hence try Zoom support using owner/admin account.



Hello RajanB - 
I am an administrator so I am not sure why it auto closes, and we are in need of Zoom support.
We have the business plan.
Any suggestions?

Community Champion


If you've got business plan, can you please reach out to your CSM or AE? They should be able to help.


Hello RajanB - 

I am IT and at the top the pipeline for help in my company.

Are you suggesting that since I have a business plan that I can not get help from a rep at zoom with my company wide issue that I need  solved concerning Zooms application?

We do not have an internal CSM or AE, all of my users are looking to me for assistance.

How can I get assistance from Zoom? Please?


Hello RajanB - 

I figured it out.

Go to

Go to profile -->

Go to Sign In -->

Go to --> Sign Me Out From All Devices (hyperlink)

Confirm that you want to sign out of Zoom on all devices. You will need to sign in again to use Zoom.


This will disconnect from all devices, then go to profile and resync to google.

Community Champion

Hi RBrigham


Great to hear you were able to resolve the issue.

As for the Zoom support, I was referring to Zoom CSM/AE that your company has been assigned to. Please contact Zoom CSM/AE to find out why you were not able to raise a ticket.