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Google Sign-ins on desktop app broken now?


I've had one Zoom account connected to a Google sign in and I just created another account connected to a different Google sign in.


In the desktop app, when I choose "Switch account" it shows me the sign in screen. If I choose the Google sign in option, it just logs me back into the account I was trying to switch from.


Next I chose "Sign out". Then when I go from the sign in screen and click the Google sign in option, my web browser pops up and prompts me to choose a google sign in. I do so and now the web browser is signed in but the app is still NOT signed in. Now the app is stuck in that state, unable to be signed in at all.


Mac app version 5.9.6 (4993), tried using Edge and Chrome as default browsers.



My Zoom's working as usual. Two accounts can access. 


Same problem on a mac, Zoom client version 5.10.6 (7526), Chrome version 101.0.4951.64.