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Generating a VTT file for upload on Vimeo


Hi -

I'm trying to determine whether or not it is possible to generate a VTT file with the transcript IF I hide the captioning while I'm speaking.  I did a test where I recorded myself with the transcript enabled and viewable on the screen and the file was generated with my speech utterances.  However, the transcript file only includes that content which was stated while transcript was viewable.  When I hid the transcript, that content didn't make it into the file.


So if I need to record with captioning viewable but I don't want to have the viewable captioning baked into the video I upload to Vimeo, what workaround is there?

Thank you.



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

What type of recording are you using? Cloud or local? Cloud recording may be able to capture the transcript without having the captions appear in the recording. 

Hi Bort, Yes, I was successful in recording to the cloud and I was able to hide the captions on my screen but it still generated a file with all of the transcript.  I don't know why the first couple of times I tried there wasn't anything in the file after I turned it off.  Maybe just a random anomaly?  It seems to be working now.  Thanks for your response.