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Generate Zoom summary before meeting ends?


Hi there,


I often have private meetings with clients back-to-back, but I use my personal meeting room for all of them so that my clients only have to keep track of one meeting link. I have been starting to enjoy zoom meeting summaries but I would like to be able to generate separate meeting summaries for the separate conversations I have with each person (even though this occurs within a single zoom "meeting"). Does anyone know how to do this?


Here is the scenario:

  • I meet with Client-A from 9-10am.
  • Client-B is scheduled to meet with me at 10am, but joins the waiting room at 9:55am just before I wrap up with Client-A.
  • I do finish up with Client-A at 9:59am and they leave the meeting.
  • I admit Client-B into the meeting and we meet from 10-11am.
  • At 11am I formally "End" the meeting.

 Here is the issue and some relevant facts:

  • I only get 1 meeting summary
  • It presents both conversations as if it were a single conversation even though the participants were never in the meeting at the same time.

Ideal Outcome (if anyone knows how):

  • I want to be able to get two separate meeting summaries, one for each conversation I have had. 

Other Things I've tried and some of the settings I use:

  • I don't want to formally end the meeting while someone is in the waiting room because I think they will need to re-join the room (in my tests they will get kicked out altogether—which seems odd, since they are able to enter the meeting room before I start the meeting).
  • Stopping and then starting the meeting summary doesn't create a second summary, it just ignores the intervening period.
  • Other Facts:
    • The meeting summary is sent only to me, and I do not share it with clients.
    • The meetings summary starts automatically when I start a meeting.


Thanks for any help!!

Spencer Healey