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Force anonymous participation


Hi. I want to host a zoom meeting. But what I want is that participants will be unknown to each other. That is, to force them join as guest even they are logged in in browser or zoom app.  Or hide their names/user id etc completely.

Is that possible in zoom?

Or any other solution for this?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @ferdousme, welcome to the Zoom Community! I think the best way to keep participants anonymous to each other is to host a webinar. 

Thanks @crchan123 . I was also looking this feature in webinar but did not got it mentioned anywhere in zoom site. Is this supported in webinars? Can you give any reference please..

Hi @ferdousme! Yep, participants in webinars cannot see other as they can only see the host and what the panelists are presenting. Per this article, participants can also choose to remain anonymous when they enter a question for Q&A.