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Failure to LogIn as host - (Error Code 4)


What does this code mean:




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @AVL, the only solutions I've seen work for other cases similar to yours is either Clearing your Browser Cache and/or running the Clean Zoom application and then restarting your computer when it's finished. Once done restarting, please visit this link, this will automatically download the newest version for you.

Zoom Community Moderator

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Trying not to be harsh, but ...
This points to serious flaws in cookie management on the part of the login process.

"Clearing your browser cache" is an admission that there's a systemic flaw in how the app is saving state information. It's a crutch, and some thought needs to be put into how to make it so that clearing the cache is not required. After all, you're asking the user to throw out a lot of babies with your specific dirty bathwater.

Plus, you never actually explained what error code 4 meant.


Turn off 2 factor authentication and try again. Worked for me. And I'm a fan of 2FA.
This caused me enormous grief and missing my Mother In Law's virtual birthday celebration (which I normally would have hosted) after a recent update.

My iPhone Zoom and the website both asked me for the 2FA code when I tried to login, sent me the SMS, entered it, in I went. Same password. But the Windows App, when I tried to sign in, same password, it threw this error. Quite the unpleasant user experience, to say the least. App version 5.11.1 (7185)


I'm not a happy camper.